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You may remember we used to be quite popular back in the years 2010-2014 (previously fun chat safe before fun chat games), sadly we had to close the server due to funding issues. We are glad to say that we are able to come back. Sadly our backups have been corrupted since then, so all our content is lost. We will try to restore as much as we can including user accounts and points. If you had an account but old email you will need to contact us once we are online within 3 months, as accounts not re-confirmed or passwords updated, will be removed for security purposes.

NOTE: If we cant restore accounts directly from the old database, we will recreate them with same username and email and restore your points manually with bonus as compensation for the downtime of the website, you will then get emails with new passwords, this is because we have heavy encryption, so it is impossible for us to restore the passwords.